Website Maintenance

You’ve already been through the process of finding a web host, purchasing a domain name, and designing your website. Your website has been online for a few months now but you’re starting to realize that you need your website updated and a few revisions made. Since you lack the time or expertise to perform website maintenance yourself you’ll need to find someone to provide these services for you.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance involves regularly checking a website for issues, making sure its updated, performing revisions, or completing upgrades. WordPress websites require constant updates to ensure optimal performance. Website maintenance could be as simple as changing business hours on a website or it could be more complex such as changing a theme.

Maintaining a website should be done on a consistent basis to ensure that the website stays healthy, website traffic isn’t interrupted, and your SEO ranking doesn’t fall.

Some of my website maintenance services include:

  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates

  • Website Revisions
  • Security Updates

  • Website Backups
  • Usability Testing

  • Fixing Errors
  • Broken Link Checker

In a way you can compare website maintenance to vehicle maintenance because it is necessary to keep things in good working order and to keep everything running safe and efficiently. In the long run, having a website maintenance plan can save you money just as regular vehicle maintenance can save you money if something major goes wrong. Something as small as regular oil changes in a vehicle can prevent major problems just as regular website maintenance can prevent problems as well.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

Support & Updates

Monthly updates and support ensures your website runs smoothly.

Cost Savings

A properly maintained website can save you money in the long run.

Enhanced Security

A regularly updated website is the best way to prevent cyber attacks.

SEO Ranking

Improve your search engine ranking by adding fresh content.

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