Web Hosting

Having a website is obviously one of the first steps for building your online presence but you’ll need a web host as well to ensure that your website can be seen. Without a web hosting provider your website cannot be displayed on the internet.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting services allow businesses, individuals, and organizations the ability to upload a website to the internet for the world to see. Businesses that provide web hosting services do so by using specific computers called servers. Websites are stored on these servers so when a user wants to view a specific website they just need to type the website address into their browser. They will then connect to the server and the website will be be delivered and displayed on their computer.

I offer web hosting plans depending on your website needs. Whether you need a fully managed web hosting plan or if you require full control I can certainly help you out.

Web hosting features include:

  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Access

  • cPanel
  • Databases

  • File Manager
  • Metrics

  • Security
  • SSH Access

Web hosting plans vary depending on your needs and requirements. Several factors come into play such as bandwidth, disk space, memory, and CPU. A website that gets a lot of traffic will need more power compared to a website that gets little traffic.

Benefits of Managed Web Hosting

Ease of Mind

Keep your mind at ease by minimizing the amount of hands-on IT work that needs to be performed.


Backups of your website are automatically created for preventive measures.

Systems Monitoring

Your web hosting account will be constantly monitored to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Help Desk

Here to assist you when you need help or have general questions/concerns.

Your web hosting plan is waiting

Contact me today for a free web hosting plan consultation. Whether you are launching a new website, redesigning your current one, or migrating a website from another web host, a properly setup web hosting plan is essential to keep your website online.

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